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Matteo Pelati matteo at
Fri Aug 24 04:04:32 EST 2001


The dizziness appeared just after I drunk that alcoholic drink and lasted
for about a month. Then, it dispppeared for 15 days, and came back. The
feeling is not exactly spinning. It's more like floating (I'm able to walk,
run, driver a car, etc) but I don't feel perfectly steady when i'm standing.
My vision is fine. It's sometimes harder to work at the computer and look at
the monitor (I think for the lightheadedness feeling).Another sythom I have
in nausea but I don't have vomit. No tinnitus or other ear problems.

Another sympthom I've is I feel very tired. After some swimming in the pool
I come out VERY tired, for example.

I feel synthoms are a bit different right now from when things started. At
first (end of april) I felt constantly dizzy even when I was lying. Right
now I only feel dizzy when I'm standing. Lately the dizziness is not present
in the morning and starts coming out early the afternoon. This morning I've
it for example (I didn't sleep many hours: about 6 and a half). My feeling
is that if I sleep more (I used to wake up at 10-10:30 in the morning
lately...I'm on vacation) I was able to keep my dizziness away for the
entire morning and I start feeling it in the afternoon. These are only my

No, I've never heard any doctor using the word nystagmus.

Another thing i discovered lately is my values of transaminase are high. In
june they were a little bit higher than usual and my doctor didn't pay
attention to
them but now they're even higher.

June, 29

Transaminase AST: 39 U/l    normal range: (1-38)
Transaminase ALT: 43 U/l    normal range: (1-41)

August, 21

Transaminase AST: 52 U/l    normal range: (1-38)
Transaminase ALT: 106 U/l    normal range: (1-41)

Now my doctor prescribed me other blood tests to better understand this
Any suggestion is welcome !!

If you need any other detail, let me know. Thanks a LOT !!!

"emooky" <emooky at> wrote in message
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> Hi Matteo
> I'm Korean neurologist.
> If you don't mind, could you answer me some questions?
> First of all, the first attack (dizziness) is defined. What was your
> symptoms? Was it spinning? Or your vision was darkened for a second? Did
> other symptoms exist such as oscillopsia (sight is zigzaging), nausea,
> vomiting, tinitus (persistent or temporary bug or frag singing), gait
> disturbances, hearing problem and so on?
> Second, your present symptoms resembe the first? And is there any other
> symptoms?
> Third, the physician that you've met said something such as nystagmus?
> Dizziness is very non-specific symptoms and is used in various and
> inhomogenous conditions. Please specify your symptoms and there will be a
> way.
> Be good day. From Korea.
> DH Kim

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