MEShinder meshinder at aol.com
Fri Aug 24 10:12:44 EST 2001

Well, most of that was correct. However, Bisiach (the study I believe you refer
to) did a left ear caloric test to alieviate the symptoms of the hemineglect.
Two things are important to remember - one is that the anosognosia and
hemineglect that result from right parietal damage show very high rates of
spontaneous remission indicating that the deficit/abnormality is turned off or
taken over by other brain regions. The second is that left ear caloric testing
drives a rightward nystagmus simulating a leftward change in orientation. The
leftward orientation is represented bilaterally in the vestibular nuclie which
project up through the dorsal lateral tegmental nucleus and mammillary bodies
to the anterodorsal thalamic nucleus and various parts of the rest of the brain
including the intact left parietal cortex which may eventually be responsible
for gating off the right parietal deficit. 
Anyway, the vestibular stimulation is not likely to be of benefit 'enhancing'
functioning for exams or driving.

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