amygdala, frontal lobes

Liar42 liar42 at
Tue Aug 28 04:40:02 EST 2001

>The amygdala switches on and off aggression. 

Total b.s.

There is no aggression whatsoever there that I noticed there, and to shunt from
there, which for me is the first emotion generator, to the third, it first
passes second, so to reach third at all, which is the main aggression emotion
generator, it fist needs to transit from first to second and from second to
third in order to have effects, and then the off-switch is more in third and
own I, as is major control also in own I, than in third.

Apart from that not all of the amygdala is the basolateral part, and of
corticomedial even the just mentioned chain is not familiar to me at all, but I
know nothing from direct internal observations there.

>It is deep in the temporal lobe<

You regard the amygdala to be part of temporal? 

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