best intermediate neuroscience text book?

Bob Els tropbob at
Wed Aug 29 22:48:46 EST 2001

Edition 4 of "From Neuron to Brain" has just come out. I was reading a
copy from the library of edition 3 and went out and bought edition 4
(because it hadn't arrived at the library and anyway others would
likely have checked it out before me).
In my personal opinion Edition 4 is way better than 3. the material is
very much more up to date, it is more readable (and there are color
pictures ! - :) ).
However I believe some reviews in for instance or some such
places were not totally positive. I believe the complaint was that it
is not longer fully contained text book. But you should read the
reviews yourself. I find the book fully self-contained - however by
the time I started to read it I had been pouring over edition 3 for
some time as well as struggling with neurobiology papers.


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