Brain lesion?

Don Incognito imperat at
Mon Dec 10 17:11:04 EST 2001

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> > rajb at (Paolo Rajba) wrote:
> > >I also find it harder to put different concepts together into a single
> > >"whole" when I'm thinking.
> > >What do you think?
> > >
> > >Paolo
> Anxious people can certainly be anxious about brain tumors. Get an MRI and
> stop worrying. See Woody Allen's _Hannah and her Sisters_ three times.

Well, how rude. What, were you raised in a jungle?

Steve: The doctor's advice posted earlier is good advice. I doubt
there was a lesion per se as those tend not to regress spontaneously
as yours seems to have. However, those symptoms you mention are
somewhat characteristic of depression, which _can_ enter remission
spontaneously. HTH.

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