What's split-brain studies?

Greg Neill gneill at netcom.REMOVE.ca
Thu Feb 1 09:51:03 EST 2001

Kwok-Man Hui <kmhui at math.duke.edu> wrote in message
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> On Wed, 31 Jan 2001, Richard Norman wrote:
> > Look up "Sperry split brain" in www.google.com.  People with
> > the corpus callosum cut have the direct connection between the
> > hemispheres severed.  This is the "split brain".  Many studies
> > indicate that after such surgery, each hemisphere can be provided
> > with different information, and that the information in fact is not
> > shared between them even though there are other pathways
> > that remain intact.
> This exactly shows that our brain has tremendous rehabitability after
> severe trauma like stroke or cutting the brain into half and putting them
> together. Therefore, a lot of mental power is unfound or unexplored yet.

How does it show this?  Please describe your logic in detail.

> How about this. I find you a guy with such strong mental power and have
> him to be tested in a carefully controlled experiment. Then publish the
> positive result in some reputable refereed journal so that let telepathy
> be established as a prominent fact or  the first  astonishing
> scientific finding in 21st century. Do you know any source or organization
> willing to do that?

Absolutely!  In fact, you can make a whack of cash at the same time.
Your "guy with such strong mental power" is a shoe-in to win the
Randi Challange (Look up "The Amazing Randi" with your search engine).
We shall await your claiming of the prize with bated breath.


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