The Scientific Impact of the Existence of Telepathic Power

Greg Neill gneill at
Thu Feb 1 16:36:23 EST 2001

Ashish Ranpura <aranpura at> wrote in message
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> Ok, not to jump in on the telepathy argument which was nicely squashed
> earlier, but regarding this interesting calculation on conservation of
> neural energy...
> If a person smiles, the communicative power of the gesture travels
> undiminished for a long distance without the smiler's face burning up.
> Why? Because intrapersonal communication does not rely on traditional
> point-to-point transfers of energy.

Actually, it relies on an external source of energy, namely light,
which encodes the information via absorption/reflection from the
face.  At that point it's an inverse-square magnitude versus
distance for signal power.  But the resolution probably drops
faster than that due to the finite resolution of the receiving
apparatus, the eye, which is good to about an arcsecond.

Imagine if we had to internally generate the light to carry our
image to others.  How long can you hold a 100 watt lightbulb?
How about 500W?

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