What's split-brain studies?

cc p4p at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Feb 1 19:07:27 EST 2001

There have been several organisations attempting to do this even,
apparently, the CIA.  It's an interesteng idea, and part of popular
folk belief, it has attractive implications for many reasearchers, but,
sadly, perhaps fortunately, there has been a complete failure to
provide evidence of it's existence.

People may be permitted to believe in god, telepathy etc., it just
depends whether this is aiding or interfering with your daily life
as to whether it would be deemed an illness.

> How about this. I find you a guy with such strong mental power and have
> him to be tested in a carefully controlled experiment. Then publish the
> positive result in some reputable refereed journal so that let telepathy
> be established as a prominent fact or  the first  astonishing
> scientific finding in 21st century. Do you know any source or organization
> willing to do that?
> Charles

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