What's Universal Energy Field?

Kwok-Man Hui kmhui at math.duke.edu
Fri Feb 2 16:34:41 EST 2001

On Thu, 1 Feb 2001, Richard Norman wrote:

> >
> > Actually, it relies on an external source of energy, namely light,
> > which encodes the information via absorption/reflection from the
> > face.  At that point it's an inverse-square magnitude versus
> > distance for signal power.  But the resolution probably drops
> > faster than that due to the finite resolution of the receiving
> > apparatus, the eye, which is good to about an arcsecond.
> >
> > Imagine if we had to internally generate the light to carry our
> > image to others.  How long can you hold a 100 watt lightbulb?
> > How about 500W?
> >
> But telepathy simply taps into the Universal Energy Field which
> we already know is concentrated by pyramids and crystals.

What's Universal Energy Field?

> (Sorry, I just couldn't help myself.  Now this thread will go on
> for another eight rounds about whether the "universal energy
> field" is inverse-square or not!)

No need to say sorry since this we're not asking for scientific proof at
this moment. As long as it makes sense and not with any attention seeking
intent. That's fine.

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