The Scientific Impact of the Existence of Telepathic Power

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: In China, there are many Qi-Qong practioners can radiate intense heat from
: their palms. There are well established scientific reports about these

What is 'intense'?

: facts. The lituratures are in Chinese.
: They even have already used this kind of Qi to cure some diseases or
: illness for people. This has been taken place at least for hundreds of
: years according to Chinese medical history, BUT so far no satisfactory
: scientific explanation is proposed. And needless to mention there is any
: proper scientific testing of any theory. There are lot empirical data, but
: no appealing understandable theory is made.

: Don't be narrow minded.  Science is not just composed of  empirical
: science only.

Sorry, but it is.  That is the whole point of science.

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