The Scientific Impact of the Existence of Telepathic Power

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Just one more reason I postulate that a
zero-potential vacuum is a rigid solid, not the
void it is now understood to be.  The void is the
innumerable energy fields IN the vacuum.

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||Hi, Everyone,
||I usually don't want to spend time to talk something like that, but indeed
||people really don't understand the tremendous impact of the existence of
||telepathy on science.
||Doing the experiment to confirm such an existence is not easy because it's
||very political, first of all. Second, hard to find the right candidate to
||do the test.
||Anyway, even with all these difficulties, it is still worthwile to conduct
||the test if you realize its impact on science.
||Suppose two guys locked up in two different rooms, not too far away from
||each other. A guy with telepathic power sends out a description of a card
||and the other guy in another room is asked to pick up such a card. Repeat
||and repeat such trial. See the probability whether exceed pure chance.
||If the test result is positive, I can see that it immediately poses
||tremendous explanation demand from neuroscience, condensed matter
||physics, physics, and psychology.
||The questions raised in ascending level of abstractness are
||0. What sort of psychological feelings those test subjects have and how
||the psychology of one's mind related next questions?
||1. What mechanism inside the brain can do that? Which part of the brain be
||responsible for that? Which cells, tissue, neurons?
||2. What condensed matter condition provides such mechanism, neural fluid
||is the mediating medium?. Obviously, not everybody can do that.
||3. What sort of medium can be tansmitted the thoughts through the air, the
||doors, and walls, then inside the guy's flesh and skull.
||Long ranged electromagnetic wave or gravity waves or some other form
||powerful radiation?
||I think the most perplexing part is around the physics. i.e. what is the
||physical theory behind this factual phenomenon?
||The phenomenon must be around the low energy physics regime, but obviously
||the medium to transmit the thoughts can't be some powerful radiation to
||penetrate walls, bone and flesh to the other mind, otherwise the mechanism
||immediately burns the telepathic brain before the radiation can go out its
||brain. As we all know, the electrical and chemical energy in
||our brain is no more than one or two volts. Then how we can explain such a
||transmition of thoughts in terms of our current physical laws?
||Therefore, it must involve some unfound low energy limit physical laws
||behind this phenomenon. Maybe it invokes some quantum mechanical small
||scale structure of spacetime in some good quantum mechanical condition
||like in our brain. In other words, it may involve a low energy limit of a
||combined fundamental forces of electrmagnetism and gravity. If physicists
||accept such mentality, then it consequently poses question on how
||physicists should treat their high energy physics and the unification of
||fundamental forces so that in the low energy regime there is a weak
||coupling of electromagnetism and gravity but with observable effect in
||some good condensed matter condition.
||Hope you guys can understand this lot of jargons. Hope someday when people
||can kick away the polical barrier of the testing. They can seek out some
||new truth about the laws of nature.
||I need to go back and concentrate on my study.
||Sincerely yours,

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