Roger Sperry's Nobel Prize

Chr. Wilms cwilms at
Sun Feb 4 19:10:48 EST 2001

John M Price PhD <jmprice at> wrote:
>:> Nope.  The Nobel was for the chemical communication stuff deriving
>:> from his work on the frog visual system.

>: According to the official web site of the Nobel Foundation
>: Roger Sperry won
>: the Nobel Prize in 1981 "for his discoveries concerning the
>: functional specialization of the cerebral hemispheres"

> Wow.  I should get a refund from a certain high ranking prof for a class
> where he mentioned just this prize, and incorrectly.

Well, if I'm not mistaken Sperry did both of the above. But the Nobel
Prize was only for the second one...

Chr. Wilms (melvin at

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