will this person survive

Andrew T. Austin slightlynervous at NOSPAMbtinternet.com
Wed Feb 7 13:09:53 EST 2001

Difficult to comment on his survival chances without seeing the scans and
knowing the underlying pathology and condition.

You would need to know if it was a sub-arachnoid haemorhage or some other
type of bleed.  The sub-arachnoid bleed can be the most catastrophic, but
with modern treatment, survival rates are around 60%.

Don't be alarmed if it seems that nothing is happening or being done
medically - initially, most patients with SAH are `managed` and supported
until, if suitable, surgery can be performed to repair the aneurysm (a
weakness in the blood vessel that usually causes this type of bleeding) -
this can be quite some time after the initial event.

You will really need to talk with his medical/nursing team to find out more
information. It is they who are in the best position to advise you further.

Best wishes,

Andrew Austin.

Don <don at li.net> wrote in message
news:JK2g6.15475$Sl.672426 at iad-read.news.verio.net...
> A friend of mine has a brother in a hospital right now who is in a coma
> 3 days... apparently he had a blood vessel or something burst in his
> brain... he has no insurance and is an illegal cause his visa expired....
> right now I'm not sure what the doctors are doing for him..... if they can
> stop the bleeding do people usually come out of this ok.... he is a 40
> male in otherwise good health..... I'm concerned because he has no
> but I want the doctors to do everything they can to help him.... please
> advise as to what normally occurs with a situation like this.....

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