Sv: Necessary conditions for consciousness

BIRGITTE ELSNAB lahnsgade at
Sun Feb 4 14:50:55 EST 2001

> I've considered this possibility, but I keep running into the fact that
> removing any part of the body doesn't seem to reduce ones consciousness.
> They perceive the lack of the body part perhaps, and they may have an
> emotional adjustment, but there is nothing to suggest there is a loss of
> consciousness. In contrast, altering any part of the brain can produce a
> marked loss or change of consciousness.

I would say that the brain stretches through the body and therefore you can
feel things in and around your body, but that part of your brain is not
necessary for consciousness to occur. Just as damages in a lot of other
parts of your brain doesn't affect consciousness either. (I take it that you
mean consciousness and not memories or the ability to play soccer).
Sorry for the rambling. What I want to say is that the brain can take a loot
of damage and still have the 'experience of consciousness', and that you
therefore can't say that it is the brain as a whole that is conscious, but
rather a part of it.
I hope that you can use this incoherent rambling for something (I have to go
to sleep now zzzZZZ)

Christian Brandt (DK)

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