Nose Bleeds

Andrew T. Austin slightlynervous at
Thu Feb 8 03:22:53 EST 2001

Here in the medical centre in work in we have a lot of nosebleeds.  No, i
mean, we have a lot of people coming in with nosebleeds - most get them in
clusters and most are concerned about an underlying cause.

Rarely is there any cause to worry about (ie - we cannot find a cause) -

Basically, people get nosebleeds.

They are of concern mostly when they won't stop - primarily because of the
mess - sometimes they need `packing` or `cautery` which is done at the ENT

The only advise i would give is to see your doctor and discuss with
him/her - a blood pressure check might be appropriate.


Andrew "carries a box of kleenex" Austin.

Other brands are available.

Des <des at> wrote in message
news:3a824172 at
> My wife has always had bad headaches, but now is having regular nose
> (which is very odd to us).  Should we be worried?  Please, and sound
> is appreciated.
> Des

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