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> On Mon, 05 Feb 2001 15:34:22 GMT, Mentifex (Arthur T. Murray)
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> > When a human-computer interface (HCI) represents
> > brain function in terms of sensorium (input) and
> > motorium (output), then a rendering of the brain
> > as an image, a diagram, or a 3D artefact imparts
> > a meatier impact to an otherwise bare-bones HCI.
> >
> > http://www.geocities.com/mentifex/jsaimind.html
> > is one of the first Artificial Minds permeating
> > the 'Net and bearing the HCI burden of teaching
> > users what they are dealing with: a brain-mind.
> >
> > Arthur T. Murray
Martin Sewell:
> Line 1136, column 31:
>   <INPUT TYPE="CHECKBOX" obClick="talk=true">
> should be:
>   <INPUT TYPE="CHECKBOX" onClick="talk=true">
Thank you, Prof/Dr/Mr Martin Sewell, for the correction
to the Artificial Mind source code dealing with SPEECH.

Speech experts are invited to modify the public domain
AI source code in order to give the AI the power of speech.


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