Role of Hippocampus in Contextual Fear COnditioning

Liar42 liar42 at
Fri Feb 9 16:15:28 EST 2001

>Actually, I never suggested that the hippocampus is the main fear area. Just
because it isn't, doesn't mean it is not important. <

I have had no registration of it.
But I do not know there as well as some others.

However I could think, concerning different sorts of fears, of three different
sources straight, and I-base is not among them.
I-base depends on my own attitudes (and what our systems receive from others).
The others are more sort of bio-programmy.

>Let me explain to you in terms of cars.<

Straight get one back: I do not recall one car of the Fearari brand from my
I-base.  ;-)

We are not exactly the big emotion generators. Though some forms of worries
might be channelled out from us, just that is more to do with me than with I
base as such.

However all details on that are barred to neurology, as there are murders who
keep persons of related kinds prisoners, and maim the brains of these persons
systematically. I know there are people who were far more perceptive and far
more interested in perceiving about there than me, I am not sure actually at
the moment if I ever was interested in there in the past for serious, however,
people I met who seemed to surpass me in such tended to not be fans of
murderous perverted neurology either.

Bad luck, Mr. from the mountain.


Adrenal glands are still seeming record holder in my systems concerning the
power of fears. Apart from that of course I find such generalizing of different
fear sorts rather irrelevant anyway, as I tend to hvae more direct interests in
some systems functions, and therefore if there is a fear, usually I am not
intersted what fears I base can possibly have, but which emotional source in
the body&brain is source for it, and to learn about some of it's correlations
that are of relevance for me as an individual.

In that I do not really need to know how that is for someone from a different
contintinent of a different sex of my ape kind, nor how this is for others who
are not even of my kind and sex and in some other stuff similar to me.
Not that I usually mind if one of them wishes to inform me how such is in
his/her individual person.

Just very often rather differing to me.

(So more interesting to understand more about that individual, that of
relevance directly for me concerning myself and systems I correlated with.)

> Although the wheels do not provide propulsion, they are of vital importance
to making it move, understand?<

Yes, but not the relevance for me, as I guess my feet are to do with me
walking, and therefore they would by the (?)synonym to wheels. However we
seemed to be at emotions, where usually the car radio, or to be more precise
who talks there and parts of his/her systems seems the biggest source
concerning emotions in some car for my registeration (unless other persons are

Apart from that a car is very different from a human.

Maybe just kick your shin against the bumper, and you might notice who protests
about pain first and notice that actually a car is not like a person.


>Again, could you tell me something more about yourself<

Rather not in details.

Apart from that I have centering in parts of the limbic systems, and therefore
believe if there (where you mentioned) was some releveant fear source, I might
have noticed.

Anyway, for me irrelevant there, never really interested me, and I do not
recall one fear registration from there ever in my life.

As I said, adrenal glands, they are holding a record concerning fears for my
ssytems registration.

> (and please, try to keep it short)
I am parts of the limbic magic communications systems.

(Was that short enough? ;-)

> for I believe you have read many interesting things <

Yes, many fantasy books and Tales Of Power, but I am rather sure that that is
not what you are referring to.

> but you do not seem to grasp some fundamental concepts of science.<

You may not notice that people may grasp it and reject it.

If I have an elephant standing on my foot I do not need any scienfic test to
know that it is there. And find a branch rediculous that would first need
to be "repeatable" by their collegues world wide 
to establish there is indeed an elephant standing on the foot, in order to be

Apart from that if I meet a criminal, I might know fast that is a criminal.

How on Earth would you get into the hippocampus for detail data of any person
of any of the kinds on Earth?

I am fairly sure that whatever you were after there was to do with crimes and
maybe murder concerning imprisoned persons.

I find it difficult that anyone would give someone like you assent to use own
hippocampal stuff for that,
and I also find it difficult to assume that someone would talk anything that
silly if he had made thorough direct internal research for that area in his own

It should have been obvious there that there are other areas in the body&head
that are far more relevant for fears, while I base is more to do with own I
attitudes, and, though own I might usually not be centered there, it is not
like that someone perceptive in his head tends to be utterly blind for there,
starting with connections and one of the memory systems functions.

The point is more science hold a record for Earth and nature destructions in
its wake, and neurology has criminals and murderers who are systematically
damaging persons of related kinds.

You might be fan of some murderer club into its perversions,
there are others who despise criminals and murderers who murder prisoners or
cripple an imprisoned person.

It is a sign of disgusting honour, of disgusting morals, a shame for our ape
kind on Earth and in the universe, and crimes that we can never make up, and
the shadow of which also falls of those who are not of such criminal perverted
branches as science and who are not primitive meateaters.

It is a shame for our kind in the universe to have apes in the own kind who are
injuring prisoners or are even murdering,
and it is an even bigger shame if at the same time they delight in how alike we

You might mistake not supporting criminals imprisoning, injuring and maybe
murdering persons
for some lack of understanding in what they do.

You might also mistake that not liking the methods of another branch means one
does not understand anything at all about that branch.

> Which makes you interesting as a person.<

What, my being fan of books like Catspaw, The Riddlemaster of Hed, Krabbat, The
Dark Is Rising and other invented books or that I think low of a lot of science
and find some there disgusting cowards who rather maim an imprisoned person
than research in their own brains?

> However, not as interesting that I want to hear you silly opinion on every
post made in this group.<

If you find it silly that there are several other systems more relevant for
fear that you generalized than hippocampal stuff, list the scientific facts,
since you seemed to adore science, why hippocampus is supposed to be more
relevant than other systems for fears.
And with that I do not mean injuring there and causing reactions in other
systems, or causing own I fears by injuring there.
I talk about naturally occurring fears, and to give me reasons why there should
be more relevant than other systems,
and why there should be relevant at all concerning fears.

If you make silly posts here in this group you risk silly answers.

If you wish to raise the intelligence of the conversation study your
hippocampal stuff better and make a beter source registration for main fears in
systems of your body&head better and list the relevance of systems in you
there, and the conversation might reach some more intelligent level concerning
fears, and if you want to make it also otherwise less silly, discern between
different fear sorts.

Own I fears are not the same as adrenal gland fears, nor like those to do with
rankfighting stuff, etc.

If you generalize fears and then of all systems select where I never registered
one sign, it looks like you never got far in understanding fears and their
sources in you.

If you wish to make silly posts you'l; get silly answers.

And if you think I go into serious data in a room crammed with criminals
imprisoning, maiming and maybe murdering other persons you straight scored an
error there.

> I somewhat expect an honest reply<

Criminals into injuring and maybe murdering persons held prisoners may expect a
lot, that does not mean taht they get it.

You will probably never in your life receive a honest answer even just for "who
am I". I know exacty to the sectors where I am centered in the limbic systems,
and still maybe you will never hear where from me.
Go on expecting ... ;-)
Neurology usually has not access to data where I am from.
No one wants perverts like that in.

>and then - of you keep posting like this - I will most probably killfile you.<

Go ahead, censor yourself, you are so daft already, and seem into criminal
interests, that I do not really care.
It does not seem you understand enough of relevance for me about brain systems
functions to in the next years or decades get to where it is more interesting.
And do not fall for the illusion that just someone is censoring himself out I
do not comment texts.
If I wish to comment any text, I might do that, irregardless if no one or all
of humanity read it.

>Thank you in advance,

For what, for saying if you spread your idiocy your chances of getting a RE
sparkling of intelligence look as dim as if some pervert abusing imprisoned
persons asked for precision target data, that he might get it, irregardless how
much I do nor or do know on that?

You are "welcome".

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