Liar42 liar42 at
Fri Feb 9 16:24:08 EST 2001

If you wish to censor yourself, what makes you think that all on Earth hurry to
follow you?

Are you some pervert into the abuse of imprisoned persons, and, like many
criminals, wish to flee from criticism?

What makes you believe that all committed the same crimes to other persons?
That all are for fleeing like you might? And that all are too stupid to first
check whom they click? There are those like me who tend to leave it to their
leisure if they do or do not read someone, with people who are usually more
boring maybe depending on how much else is going on.

But I find it marks you, Richard Norman, that you are trying to get other
persons to block of a person you do not like, and try like other dictators in
the past and present of Earth to get people to block out what they do not wish
to be read.

Dictators tend to often be into the abuse of imprisoned persons or are to do
with that indirectly, and among the typical reasons they do not want the
freedom of opinion, even though they might not say it out loud or even deny it,
is that they do not wish criticism of what they are to do with concerning the
abuse of imprisoned persons and maybe even the murder of persons.

They wish to continue their crimes (and maybe even murders) and profit from
them in one way or another.

It is typical for such persons to try to censor others, freedom of speech and
opinion seemed to never be really valued by such crimimals.

But at least I straight know about you, Richard Norman, what kind of person you
are in such.

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