Roger Sperry's Nobel Prize (was "impact of telepathy")

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:> :>> I remember Roger Sperry (Nobelist for, among other things,
:> :>> split-brain studies) saying that ...
:> :>
:> :> Nope. The Nobel was for the chemical communication stuff deriving
: from
:> :> his work on the frog visual system.
:> : According to the official web site of the Nobel Foundation
:> :
:> : Roger Sperry won the Nobel Prize in 1981 "for his discoveries
:> : concerning the functional specialization of the cerebral
: hemispheres"
:> Wow. I should get a refund from a certain high ranking prof for a
: class
:> where he mentioned just this prize, and incorrectly.
:> Or I could be misremembering the seminar.
:> Thanks.
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: [EL]
: Hah. :)
: What "branch" of chemistry did you say that you earned that Ph.D. in?

Psychology, UCDavis, 1994.

: Embarrassment, or was it deep embarrassment?
: Pay attention to the meanings of the words sir.
: Scientists do work on frogs and mice to conclude for humans before
: attempting to verify.
: You are talking about a Nobel Laureate here not one of your students.

So, you have an authoritarian complex, I see.

: How do you think did he arrive at the functional specialization of the
: cerebral hemispheres, if he did not work on every animal he could get
: his hands on?

Actually, he used humans for that research.  I am sure, as with Killacky
(sp?) and Chalupa he's also used chimps and Macaque.

: I can imagine him using monkeys as well, ethically intact or not, but

Why imagine?  Difficulty reading?

: he must have done more than you can imagine to reach his findings.

Actually, I read his work.  It is excellent.  

Much better than your desire to imagine, I am sure.

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