Role of Hippocampus in Contextual Fear COnditioning

Filip van den Bergh F.S.vandenBergh at
Mon Feb 12 16:33:51 EST 2001

Dear mister Liar42,

I really don't understand the way you want this thread to go. Again. I
believe I am becoming somewhat knowledgable on the hippocampus. Again. The
hippocampus is not a main area for fear. Again. That doesn't mean it doesn't
play a role at all. Read the original post again, and ask yourself: what
have I contributed? What question of Filip's have I answered? Strangest
thing is you act like I offended you. Are you sure it's not the other way

You do not seem to be very constructive. You may reject concepts of science.
When you reject the concept of French, quit speaking with Frenchmen. Leave
them alone. On the other hand, you seem to reject the concept of analogies
[made by others, that is], so you may again disagree.

Also, if you reply, could you limit your answer to a length similar to my
post? I lose my concentration fairly quickly, and I believe what you want to
say can be said much shorter. I realize it is a flaw of mine, but I am not
making a big point of your flaws either...

Filip van den Bergh

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