can we distinguis A beta and c fibers working

satish gore sgore at
Tue Feb 13 12:36:15 EST 2001

i mean i wanted to make it out clinically, when a patient is compalining
of say referred pain, or allodynia , is there a way to find which fibers
are acting?

Richard Norman wrote:

> "satish gore" <sgore at> wrote in message
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> > I was wondering if we can distinguish A beta and C fiber workings?
> > and also clinically,
> >
> > satish gore
> Just what type of way do you want to "distinguish" Abeta and C fibers?
> They are very different in many respects.  You can see the difference
> in fiber diameter and myelination in anatomical preparations.  You
> can measure the difference in conduction velocity (and ease of
> stimulating and recording) in physiological preparations.  They
> respond to very different sensory modalities.  They connect to
> very different central pathways.  All of these can be involved in both
> experimental and clinical observations.

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