The Scientific Impact of the Existence of Telepathic Power

Thomas Taylor SPAM-B-GONEtom at
Wed Feb 14 08:52:08 EST 2001

> I once heard about a golfer who scored a hole-in-one. Curious to see if it
> could be done, a group of us experimented for a year to try and replicate
> the claim, without success.
> I can now state that there is no such thing as a hole in one!

  Clever reasoning.  Is this a joke (I smiled), or is it a jibe?

  You see, in this case YOU, without the same skills as the mentioned
golfer, tried to repeat the hole in one.

  In tests for psychic powers, the actual claimant of these psychic powers
tries again in controlled conditions, and the psychic-dudes lack of results
can lead more readily to a conclusion - that his powers are not repeatable,
and possibly not existant.
  If I went in and tried to do psychic stuff, and failed, it would not
disprove the claimant one jot.

  Similarly, if the claimant will not undergo testing his "powers" are

  This is all just in case someone didn't get this.  I must expect people to
be stupid, or something.


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