The Scientific Impact of the Existence of Telepathic Power

Thomas Taylor SPAM-B-GONEtom at
Wed Feb 14 09:18:34 EST 2001

> > In China, there are many Qi-Qong practioners can radiate intense heat
> > their palms. There are well established scientific reports about these
> > facts. The lituratures are in Chinese.

  My palms radiate "intense" heat (when I hold them near my face it's
amazingly warm) when my blood is pumping full on.

  And I know quite a few ex-Qi-Qongists.  They maintain that there is
nothing special in their old discipline, and they were fooling themselves.

  Never mind, eh?

> > They even have already used this kind of Qi to cure some diseases or
> > illness for people. This has been taken place at least for hundreds of
> > years according to Chinese medical history, BUT so far no satisfactory
> > scientific explanation is proposed. And needless to mention there is any
> > proper scientific testing of any theory. There are lot empirical data,
> > no appealing understandable theory is made.

  And SO MANY Chinese people forego modern treatment!  I bet they all just
rush to their Ki salesman and get healed super-duper quick.

  I also know some Ki healers, along with Angel Therapy advocates etc. etc.
I see no proof, and I'm not holding my telescope up to my blind eye, either.

> > Don't be narrow minded.  Science is not just composed of  empirical
> > science only.

  Of course not!  Without rampant speculation how could we get anywhere?
But this speculation must be proven empirically to be worthwhile, hmm?


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