competitive neural net

Ole Baunbæk Jensen pbk708 at
Wed Feb 14 19:05:05 EST 2001

Hello Shamim

I appreciate your effort, but your notes somehow is more extensive than
If you should be interested, I got a link from another person, which
describes, I think, exactly what i needed:

- check out the sections on competitive nets


Shamim Khaliq skrev i meddelelsen <3a8a6173_2 at>...
>look up "radial basis function network" and "kohonen network".
>i'm in the process of putting my notes online for you at:
> . give me a
>to upload.
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>Ole Baunbæk Jensen <pbk708 at> wrote in message
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>> hello group
>> I'm looking for a description of a competitive neural network, trained
>> hebbian learning rule. I have tried to look on the net, but what I find
>> to give a description of implementation/algorithm, that I can understand.
>> Specially im interested in models that include lateral inhibitory
>> Any help appreciated
>> thanks
>> Ole

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