brain areas in motor schemas/imagery

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Wed Feb 14 19:10:10 EST 2001

i've just reread your answer. thank you so much for the words
"occipitotemporal/semantic/ventral" v/s "occipitoparietal/schema/dorsal
pathways". i think i'm starting to understand the difference.

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> I've read both papers, and I still don't understand what you mean by
> At first I thought you were refering to the
> versus the occipitoparietal/schema/dorsal pathways, but it didn't fit the
> question as parietal is mentioned in both of your conditions. As far as
area 6
> and 7, Jeannerod notes that they are complementary to one another and are
> anatomically interconnected (Murel and Bullier 1990). I am also having
> interpreting the intended meaning behind the equal signs.

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