brain areas in motor schemas/imagery

Shamim Khaliq shamimkhaliq at hotmail.comTakeThisOff
Wed Feb 14 23:36:55 EST 2001

i finally think i understand my difficulty. simplifying, behind the visual
cortex, the parietal areas are the dorsal "where" stream, and the occipital
cortex is the ventral "what" stream. then here comes vittorio with "Multimodal
cortices such as area VIP and sectors of area PF in the posterior parietal
cortex, and area F4 in the ventral premotor cortex, code the presence of
objects within a limited space sector" and "the parietal area AIP and the
rostral sector1 of the premotor area F5. They are both characterized by the
presence of visuo-motor neurons coding the 3D intrinsic features of objects
and the motor schemas", i.e. the parietal cortex and the premotor cortex are
important in BOTH what and where. or are they both where?

final question. is the entire vittorio article about the dorsal
occipito-parietal pathway from the primary visual cortex which ends in the
posterior parietal cortex and is the pragmatic-schema "where" system which
localises and reaches and needs a viewer-centred description?

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