brain areas in motor schemas/imagery

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thank you so much. i do believe i've got it (finally). now to do something
with the information.

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> >> >so my question is, is
> >> >brodmann area 6 = The posterior parietal cortexes, and area F4 in the
> >> >ventral premotor cortex = dorsal stream?
> >> >brodmann area 7 = F5 and the AIP parietal area = ventral stream?
> >>
> >> I am also having trouble
> >> interpreting the intended meaning behind the equal signs.
> >
> >meaning, are they referring to the same areas/pathways in the brain?
> brodmann area 6 is premotor cortex in the frontal lobe, this would include
> ventral premotor cortex. Brodmann area 7 is posterior parietal cortex
> the superior parietal lobule in humans). Area 7 (as well as the rostral
part of
> the inferior parietal lobule) is connected to area 6 and the supplimentary
> motor cortex. All of which would be working toward visuomotor performance,
> spatial recognition, and the analysis of visual motion.
> The ventral stream pathways that I know of, concerned with object
> form and color, involves inferior temporal cortex. This would be composed
> the posterior temporal area and inferior temporal cortex. I don't know
> connections that well, but I understand that they too project to the
> and premotor areas.

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