Oxygen therapy [was Migraine question]

Andrew T. Austin slightlynervous at NOSPAMbtinternet.com
Fri Feb 16 17:05:30 EST 2001

> Certainly hyperventilating lowers blood pCO2.  But considering air
> has such a low pCO2 already, breathing pure O2 shouldn't really
> make a difference.  Or is it that breathing anything "different"
> produces hyperventilation?

Good point.  It is not so much the atmospheric partial pressure of CO2, but
the rate that the bodily CO2 is expired.  My understanding is that in the
Hb, raising the partial pressure of O2 will increase the Hb exchange of CO2
for O2.

What has always confused me, is that surely with applied oxygen, the persons
respiration rate will decrease accordingly.....



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