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> >> Since a relationship exists between brain:body ratios and intelligence
> >> across species, any thoughts on why it doesn't pertain within a species
> >> (i.e. humans). Or are there studies demonstrating this which I'm not aware
> >> of?
> >
> >I believe that historically there were attempts to correlate
> >brain size with "race" and thereby establish "objective
> >criteria" for racial superiority theories.
> >
> >One major problem is defining what you mean by "intelligence"
> >and demonstrating that a single indicator can measure whatever
> >you mean by it.
> For a learned but readable survey of both these points, Stephen Jay Gould's
> book 'The Mismeasure Of Man' is still the gold standard IMHO.

  Gould's Mismeasure of Man is a pseudo-intellectual activist
potboiler and much of it is outright lies and tautological
exaggeration.  Gould is an ignoramus, and his attempt to
discredit "g" has been shot to pieces by the modern discovery
that "g" is directly related to mental speed in bits/second,
and in fact IS a rigorous hard scientific measure of
Intelligence.  Gould is just another hamfisted troublemaker....
very popular with other pseudo-intellectual wannabee troublemakers.
  His theory of "neoteny" is another example of his hypocritical
buzz word, parlor game, potboiler heresey program.  The guy
is another Julian Huxley... a real pain in the ass.
  Hans Eysenck's recent book on Intelligence is perhaps the
leading example of Gospel truth about Intelligence... and it
sure gives lie to Steven J. Gould.

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