The Problem of Racism

Marcy marcyatwork at
Sat Feb 17 15:43:18 EST 2001

Some religions are simply beliefs, some are lifestyles, and some are
churches and books. You're right. In the first post on this topic,
Christianity was brought up. My point swings the opposite way, religion
alone does not create racism, but *could* be one of the many factors feeding

satish gore <sgore at> wrote in message
news:3A89842A.8D6F8CA6 at
> hi
> I wont really agree with that
> there are religions which are more like way of life than just books and
> etc , as they say it takes all sorts of people to make this world.
> Well we have our past [wars] , wich makes us what we are today.
> Marcy wrote:
> > Racism is an uncomfortabiliy, fear, of the unknown. Ignorance really.

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