Mg2+ for synaptic Isoloation of leech Neurons

Richard Norman rsnorman at
Sun Feb 18 13:39:06 EST 2001

Try searching for "calcium chelator calculator".
For example:
There are, of course, commercial programs that do this.

"Tobias Rose" <TRose at> wrote in message
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> Hi!
> I'm trying to isolate my leech neurons (Retzius) from synaptic input by
> using High Mg2+ (20mM) Ringer fluid.
> My question: What is the exact explanation for the achieved PSP
> Is it just a competitive effect of Mg2+ instead of Ca2+ running through
> presynaptic Ca2+ channels and thus preventing the intracellular vesicle
> exocytosis because of the absence of appropriate binding sites? Or am I
> missing something?
> Addtitional: To achieve te same (and some other) effects I'm using
> lowCa2+/EGTA Ringer. Does anyone know a URL where I can find a table of
> binding rates, affinity constants etc.  for EGTA/Ca2+ to calculate the
> concentration of remaining free Ca2+?
> And last: Is there anyone out there experienced in pharmacological effects
> on leech neurons? I'm looking for some methodical knowledge exchange...
> best regards,
> Tobias

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