What is computational neuroscience?

Isidore isidore at mailandnews.com
Mon Feb 19 00:07:28 EST 2001

    Hello everyone,

            I'm a high school student looking to do some research at a
Polytechnic University science program over the summer. One of the available
research positions deals with computational neuroscience. From what I've
seen of neuroscience, it seems like something I'd be interested in doing
research in. I also have an interest in computer science, so I suspect that
computational neuroscience might be right up my alley. However, to be
honest, I haven't been able to find a comprehensive defininition. If anyone
could provide information about what research in computational neuroscience
entails (in laymen terms, if possible), or can point me to a basic resource,
I'd appreciate it. Also, does anyone have any recommendations/tips about if
a high school student should work under a mentor to research this?


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