Matt Tomblin matt_tomblin at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 20 23:50:50 EST 2001

About 5 years ago now I started getting rather bizzare spaced out feelings, 
everything I looked at seemed almost 2D and I had difficulty consentrating.  
Coupled with this sensation
was a tightness band which went across the right hand side of my head from 
around the right of my eye to covering the temple area.  This, I noticed, 
seemed to increase in tightness
as moments of concentration seemed most intense.  Initially the doctor 
thought it was just stress of exams and that it would go away once I had 
finished said exams.  However, it
quite plainly didn't.  I have been to 3 neurologists with no luck and have 
been prescribed anti depressant drugs.  They, of course, are not helping the 
dizzyness/vagueness and
trouble remembering things, but rather just make me feel less depressed 
about the a situation that seems to have no solution.  So, the anti 
depressant drugs are not curing whatever
it is that I have.  It really is quite difficult to describe exactly what it 
is that I have suffice to say that it feels almost like if I were to shake 
my head it would all go away.  The intensity
of the sensation varies, normally being worse in the mornings making 
consentrating at work somewhat of a chore.  Does anyone have anything 
similar to this at all, or know of
anyone with the same symptoms?  To list the symptoms again they are:

1.  Muzzyness, spacedness, difficulty thinking straight or wanting to think 
2.  Strange tight/pressure band experienced around the the right of the 
right eye stretching to cover the temple region.
3.  Difficulty listening to people and consentrating on what they are 
4.  Mild depression, due to continual dwelling on what the heck is wrong 
with my head.
5.  Dizzyness, ranges in intensity.
6.  Motivation problems, difficulty caring.



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