epilepsy and insomnia

Mr N Newman n.newman at lds.co.uk
Wed Feb 21 02:32:57 EST 2001

Hello. I was interested to see your research findings - not that I
understood them, but am trying to find out what is going on in my
particular case. This is one of severe and longterm insomnia (20 years,
am aged 51) combined with Juvenile Myoclonic Epilspsy. I take 60mg
phenobarbitone and all symptoms are controlled. Have you any information
which could explain the JME causing the insomnia, and if so, what I can
do about it? Every known remedy has failed and I have become 'immune' to
the effects of hypnotics. Life is so bad that I am quite incapacitated.
Hope you can shed some light on it all. I have melatonin. Not sure from
your article if it would help or hinder. I did take it for a time and
noticed no improvement.
Many many thanks
Sue Newman


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