can we distinguis A beta and c fibers working

satish gore sgore at
Wed Feb 21 12:19:50 EST 2001

I am working on a hypothesis that by the treatment [mainly surgical ]in cases of
intervertebral disc related neurogenic pain we are able to relieve only the A b
component in the early phase.
The c fiber related and the sympathetic component lingers on, and is the cause of
chronic morbidity.

Well this is still a hypothesis and any thoughts on this issue in clinical
setting  will be appreciated,
satish gore

MEShinder wrote:

> I'm not sure of the answer in a clinical setting, although distally conduction
> tests might work. Seen it done in the arm once as a demo, but for stretch
> reflexes. Also, I don't know how you'd confirm the results to determine
> accuracy. What would be done differentially if the distinction can be made?

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