can we distinguis A beta and c fibers working

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Wed Feb 21 13:09:07 EST 2001

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>I am working on a hypothesis that by the treatment [mainly surgical ]in cases
>intervertebral disc related neurogenic pain we are able to relieve only the A
>component in the early phase.
>The c fiber related and the sympathetic component lingers on, and is the
>cause of
>chronic morbidity.
>Well this is still a hypothesis and any thoughts on this issue in clinical
>setting  will be appreciated,
>satish gore

My recollection of de-afferentation, even spinal cord lesions, is that the pain
may still return. This I assumed was why the surgical solution was not
complete. There is some spinothalamic tract research currently being
investigated by Dr. Willis here at UTMB Galveston, but I am unaware of any
conclusions as yet. You might try getting in touch with Dr. Willis if you're

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