doctor stumped

Andrew T. Austin slightlynervous at
Wed Feb 21 23:10:29 EST 2001

Sounds like a Wernickes aphasia - this isn`t a pathology itself, but is an
effect caused by a pathology (if that is what it is in your case).

Was the onset sudden or gradual?

Do you take any meds of any sort?

Any other health probs of any sort?

Just curious.

Andrew Austin.

_lisa <teknicolor at> wrote in message
news:3a948d2d$0$6752 at
> Hi, I have a problem. My GP shoved me away on this so I'm asking for your
> help here. Knowing what little time most people have for these questions,
> I'll list my symptoms in order of severity:
> Speech disorder - constantly replacing one word with another to the point
> sentences are incomprehensible
> Hearing - I can hear perfectly but comprehension of what is being is worse
> than most of my colleagues. Instead I rely on lip-reading
> Memory loss - of basic facts I learned maybe the day before
> Is there any disorder that I could find out more about that may apply
> I am a 20-year old student at university. Please reply to my address or
> here.
> Thankyou
> Lisa

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