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Thu Feb 22 15:36:59 EST 2001

Hi all,

I've been reading quite a bit about body image, referred pain, and I'll
continue to do so. Thanks again to anyone who's helped me so far.

Remember this is a fictional book, but I want to come close to reality if I
can in the making of my pain machine. Here's what I propose, tell me if
there are any obvious problems with my theory:

A futuristic monitoring system is able to "scan" the body in sections. It
will read electrical impules, their intensity, and distance away from the
scanning tool, trying to pinpoint the exact area of the impulse. This
impulse is then rerouted  to a subject and the impules are copied in exactly
the same intensity and location. With something like Fibromyalgia where the
source of pain is misunderstood due to the body image and then
misinterpreted to a reflex and spasm in other parts of the body - I want to
read those deep tissue pains before they reach the brain, and transfer them
to the reciever.

 This subject would have to be specially trained (somehow) to override or
understand deep tissue in their body image, to establish location and level
of pain accurately. The intensity is imperative!

My questions are: What instrument would read such electrical impulses? How
would it have to be designed? How would it insert the same impulse into
another subject without invading the body *at all*? Are there any such
studies being done regarding sensory interpretation or measurement that are
not related to brain mapping, CT scans etc...? For my book to work, it's too
late to get results if the pain reaches the cerebral cortex first.

Have fun! And remember, I'm just a writer trying to keep up with you guys!
I'm not saying dumb it down, just don't kill me  ;)

Thanks everyone!

Marcy Italiano
marcyatwork at

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