doctor stumped

Andrew T. Austin slightlynervous at
Thu Feb 22 17:00:19 EST 2001

Would be hard to come to any conclusion without a neuro examination.

> I think the symptoms are fairly constant, I havent noticed any variation
> month/season or other that I can think of. My doctor laughed it off a few
> months ago, but now it seems to be getting worse hence the plea for help.

I wonder if you have seen your doctor since  a few months ago.  I know, if
it were me, i would back knocking at his door.

As for what it might be causing your symptoms, it might be anything from
"stress" through to something affecting you physically.  Certainly, an
escalation of the symptoms is worthy of another appointment, even if it
turns out to be "nothing".

Be well,


Andrew Austin.

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