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Thu Feb 22 18:38:34 EST 2001

_lisa wrote:

> Hi, I have a problem. My GP shoved me away on this so I'm asking for your
> help here. Knowing what little time most people have for these questions,
> I'll list my symptoms in order of severity:
> Speech disorder - constantly replacing one word with another to the point my
> sentences are incomprehensible
> Hearing - I can hear perfectly but comprehension of what is being is worse
> than most of my colleagues. Instead I rely on lip-reading
> Memory loss - of basic facts I learned maybe the day before
> Is there any disorder that I could find out more about that may apply here?
> I am a 20-year old student at university. Please reply to my address or
> here.
> Thankyou
> Lisa

Your GP needs to give you a referral to a neurologist.


It definately sounds like one of the aphasias and it is mildly disturbing that a
physician would see this and (a) not recognize it at all and, (b) not refer you
to a neurologist.  The neurologist is going to refer you for neuropsychological
testing so you might as well kill two birds with one stone and get a referral
for this to.

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