other similar ACTIVE newsgroups?

Adam anitatsiopani at eircom.net
Fri Feb 23 19:06:23 EST 2001

Hi guys --

I am a secondary school student with great interests in the Neuroscience
field. I am an avid reader of John R. Searle's, Penrose's, Edelman's,
Chalmers's and Dennett's opinions of consciousness. (While there opinions
may vary a lot <especially Dennett's>, I find it fascinating to dwell on
their different theories!)

I love this Newsgroup already, having only discovered it an hour ago. Some
of the deep discussions in here are certainly very stimulating. I was
wondering if there are other newsgroups where I can find this sort of
material, perhaps with debates on the authors' work which I have mentioned
above? Or a web site with a message board in this fashion?

I shall continue avidly reading your discussions and arguments. Who knows,
perhaps I will submit my own addition?!

-- Adam.

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