Tutorial content of the Artificial Mind

Arthur T. Murray uj797 at victoria.tc.ca
Sat Feb 24 05:37:35 EST 2001

Tutorial content of the Artificial Mind in JavaScript at
http://www.geocities.com/mentifex/jsaimind.html (PD AI)

Tutorial mode will cycle through its messages.
Special messages may appear for special modes.
Entry of user input will stall Tutorial messages.
Please use no punctuation or case-shifting.
Transcript: Aim for a dialog that shows reasoning.
As the Mind advances, test it psychologically.
With transcripts we may measure the IQ of the AI.
You may give away transcripts as demo souvenirs.
Transcript paper may carry advertisements.
(Troubleshoot): Three columns show three arrays.
The left column shows fibers in the Psi mindcore.
There can be only one mindcore of Psi concepts.
A list is in Standards in Artificial Intelligence.
Note the residual Psi activations during reentry.
Residual activation maintains the chain of thought.
The ego-concept may need increments of activation.
Incrementing ego may restart a chain of thought.
The middle column shows the English lexicon.
Lexical nodes do not contain the actual words.
Lexical nodes control words in auditory memory.
The lexical array may contain multiple languages.
For each language there must be its own syntax.
Syntax is hand-coded into the early AI minds.
The AI may learn new syntax in a looping spiral.
The right column shows auditory memory engrams.
The lexical rv number localizes the audEngram.
User input is show in red for maximum effect.
Reentry is the output of the AI reentering the AI.
You may handcode bootstraps based on Troubleshoot.
To click Transcript, first unclick Troubleshoot.

It is hard to describe here on Usenet, but the above
lines eventually should sink in to any serious student
of the public-domain AI project, because the Tutorial
statements are keyed into the Mode in which the
software of the Artificial Mind is running.

You only need Internet Explorer to summon the
Artificial Mind into your presence.

I wish to thank everyone for their patience.

Respectfully submitted,

Arthur T. Murray
http://www.scn.org/~mentifex/jsaimind.html -- PD AI

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