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Andrew T. Austin slightlynervous at NOSPAMbtinternet.com
Mon Feb 26 12:08:38 EST 2001

As a guess, i suspect this might be a "herniated disk/disc" or "vertebral
disc/disk prolapse/protrusion"    (i`m assuming you have a back problem?)

This might help you in doing a search (try google if the others fail)


Andrew Austin.

Milos Milicevic <jemi1948 at EUnet.yu> wrote in message
news:3A98BC14.8D573575 at EUnet.yu...
> I would like to find more about my disease which is DISCUSHERNIA. Could
> you please direct me to some sights where I could find more about my
> problem.
> I would appreciate a soon replay
> Thank you
> jemi1948 at eunet.yu
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