Neural Representations of Trajectories

Matt Jones jonesmat at
Fri Jul 20 15:17:49 EST 2001

harry.erwin at (Harry Erwin) wrote in message news:<1ewuuak.1ynor76163al0wN%harry.erwin at>...
> I'm seeing evidence that trajectories of moving objects are represented
> 4-dimensionally in the brain. Has anyone thought about the topology of
> neural representations?

Spatial movement requires four orthogonal dimensions, so is there any
way that the brain could represent a trajectory unambiguously with
-less- than 4 dimensions?

I know of at least one body of sound localization work in which the
representation is topologically spherical (i.e., 2 dimensional,
because distance information and intensity cannot be unambiguously
separated in many cases):

Which 4 dimensions are you seeing?



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