Neural Representations of Trajectories

Harry Erwin harry.erwin at
Sat Jul 21 15:36:22 EST 2001

Didier A. Depireux <didier at> wrote:

> In bionet.neuroscience Harry Erwin <harry.erwin at> wrote:
> > I'm seeing evidence that trajectories of moving objects are represented
> > 4-dimensionally in the brain. Has anyone thought about the topology of
> > neural representations?
> Not directly what you are asking, but I have always liked the papers of
> Bienenstock, esp "On the Dimensionality of Cortical Graphs", which you can
> find on his page
> The neural connectivity graph explained therein should put limit on the
> dimensionality of representations in cortex!
>                                               Didier

What I'm seeing is behavioral evidence that bats do a curve fit to a
collection of measurements. I hope Bienenstock is consistent.
Dr. Harry Erwin, harry at,

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