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Sat Mar 10 16:21:05 EST 2001

ATTN: All independent artists, writers, journalists, and science
TRONG is a new quarterly journal in the works designed with the basic
intention of creating a forum for avant-guard thinkers and mental
revolutionaries to showcase their work to a larger worldwide audience.
Though we are just beginning and cannot afford to pay for accepted material,
we are currently accepting work of the following kinds to be published in
our Summer debut, tentatively scheduled for June 2001:
Art: Since Trong is extremely low budget, our printing costs are confined to
black and white. Only sketches and black and white photography need apply.
Writing: Any form of poetry, essay, article, or short fiction. If an article
is submitted, the angle should attempt to examine how all forms of
entertainment (including sports, cinema, & television) relate to art and
creative expression in general. WARNING: This is NOT a magazine! All work
should be aimed to generate a new perspective in the reader's mind...(e.g.,
a critical look at the silent film era and its influence would be
acceptable, an assessment of the years top grossing films would not. an
allegory relating baseball to Hemmingway is acceptable, an article on the
home run race is get the idea.)
Science: Part of Trong's angle at success as a well revered journal of the
mind is that is chooses to examine both science and art with a keen eye.
Looking for "think pieces" on a theoretical or reflexive avenue, and rest
assured all facts will be verified and combed through. Essays,
diagrams...all is acceptable. Make sure to sight all sources when
- All Submissions should be accompanied by a brief paragraph explaining
oneself and previous experience in preparation for publication. Note: No
experience means nothing! Fresh faces and blank resumes more than welcome.
- Trong feels that its first issue could be its most important to is
entirely quality committed. However, we also recognize that brushing away
potentially explosive work because it doesn't fit our preconceptions is not
a proper way to travel. Thus, we feel a line of communication & idea sharing
back and forth before the first run is entirely necessary. Think of it as an
actor called back for second auditions. If constructive criticism tends to
offend you, Trong is not looking to start a battle. Please be advised.

Send all works, questions, and concerns to:
Phat Panda Productions c/o
trongjournal at
with subject heading reading name & rough view of what type of work is
contained in the message. We will attempt to deliver responses in a timely
Thank you for your time in reading this, and the best of luck extended from
all of us in hopes that we can make this benefit all involved.

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