A basic and most prevalent cause of Hyperactivity (or ADS)

Peter Fellin fellin at one.net.au
Sun Mar 18 04:13:30 EST 2001

One only needs to open one's eyes to the pervasive neglect of the need for
touch in infants (as thoroughly explained and highlighted by Ashley
Monague's book, Touch) to gain an uncomfortable insight into one of its most
major 'single' environmental causes.

And, if one is capable of coupling this thoroughly scientifically
substantiated insight into the significance of touch, with what is explained
and highlighted by Arthur Janov and his work (perhaps more thoroughly and
encompassingly so by him, in his books, than by any other author - see
http://www.primaltherapy.com)  one will be faced with the possibility of
knowing that the effects of the same cause(s) goes FAR BEYOND giving rise to hyperactivity.

Peter F


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