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Richard Norman rsnorman at
Mon Mar 19 09:07:15 EST 2001

I have a number of suggestions for you.

The first is simply to go to and search for
"neurosurgery career".  You can also try "neurosurgery salaries"
and "neurosurgery opportunities" and any detail you wish.

Second, go to the web site of several medical schools in your
area and see what they have to say about neurosurgery.  Incidentally,
I hope you already know about medical school in general and
medical specialties -- internship and residencies -- and the like.

Third, visit the career and guidance office of a local university and
talk to them about preparation for medical careers.  They might
also have a pre-med advisor you can talk to.

Fourth,  but do this only AFTER you have already done some substantial
research and are already somewhat knowledgeable about the what is
involved, try calling or visiting the neurosurgery department of a local
medical school.  Talk to some people in the office about some of your
questions.  They may be able to steer you to a neurosurgeon who is willing
to chat with you for a while.

I remember meeting with a professional mathematician talking about just
that type of assignment when I was a high school student almost 50 years
ago.  It was a very worthwhile endeavor.

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> I would like to apologize in advance if my inquiry is inappropriate for
> newsgroup.  I have been lurking for some time but have not come across a
> charter or FAQ.
> I am a highschool student doing research for a 'career research' project.
> The idea is to research a career and prepare a report and presentation.
> Since my early childhood, I've always been interested in medicine,
> specifically fields pertaining to neuroscience, and my dream is to one day
> have a career in neurosurgery.  Naturally, I chose to research
> for my project.
> The following are some of the points I need to explore in my report
> 2000 words)
> -What are the high school requirements for the career?
> -What post-secondary education and training is required?
> -What is the cost of the program or training?
> -How long is the program?
> -Does it include work experience?
> -Will the program help you find employment after completion?
> -What other requirements are there?
> -How many jobs will be opening in this field in the next 5 years?
> -What is involved in this career?--What is a typical day/week in this job
> like?
> -What is the average income for someone starting out in this field?
> -What is the expected income for someone who has been doing the job for 5
> so years?
> -What are the advancement opportunities?
> -What careers are related to this one? How easy would it be to transfer
> a similar field?
> Naturally, I don't expect to be spoonfed in this group, but any help or
> direction regarding where to do my research would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,
> Dave

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