Dear MEShinder, again Morris water maze

??? rgaz77 at
Thu Mar 22 18:34:24 EST 2001

Thank you for your concern.
I couldn't reply right away because I even didn't know what I should ask to
I guess that I'm going to couduct Morris water maze, Nobel object
recognition and cued & contextual fear conditioning task. None of them I'm
familiar to. I am studying right now about them.
If you have experiences in these experience I hope you would help me.
Fist of all I want to know the detailed protocols of each. What I mean by
detailed protocols is not only the sequences or methods but also things that
I have to concern, and implicated knowhow.
Also I have a very limited knowledge on genetics. I heard that in behavioral
tests the genetic background is extremely improtant. I am going to conduct
behavioral tests on mice. In our lab, we actually made transgenic mice. But
still we do not know to which strain should thess transgenic mice are mated.
The founder strain is C57B/6 and we are thinking about B6/....(right now I
don't remember..) recepient strain. But I do not understand the strategy. We
are just following the strategy from other article.
These are all for now. Later could I ask more?
I'll wair for your reply.

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