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Constantine Mihailidis conmih at
Tue May 22 23:34:02 EST 2001

thanks for the rapid answer! I hate to admit it but I think you are right.
Experiments on-line are for the moment a reality not feasible. However, we
may achieve as you said to create a panel to exchange ideas online and/or
publish research results of the individual laboratories. All this needs a
central reference spot. A site/page where the questions are placed and the
answers/proposals are being discussed. It's not only about neuroimplants...
whatever the project... I like neurosciences in general, therefore novel
ideas always DON'T pass unnoticed to me...

"yan king yin" <y.k.y(at)lycos(dot)com> wrote in message
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> "Constantine Mihailidis" <conmih at>:
> > Hi,  my name is Constantine Mihailidis and I am a med student at the "La
> > Sapienza" University of Rome. I am fascinated by neuroscience and your
> > about possible research on neuroimplants. Do you maintain something like
> > newsletter to keep interested persons informed. Nevertheless, although
> > may find this funny I would like to join your group (if you ever create
> > one...) and help by my side in any way I can...
> You're very welcome =)  I was also thinking to start a mailing list, i'll
> post it here soon.  Not many people had inquired though.
> My earlier concept of conducting experiments on-line is not so sound.  But
> it might be possible to open labs locally while sharing the expensive
> instruments on-line.  Some samples have to be refrigerated so i dont know
> how feasible is that.
> At first, I had the idea of making the neuro-interface.  Then I found that
> it would be nice to open those "self-help" laboratories as well.  The two
> things are different and i hope its not too confusing.  Please stay tuned,
> and email me anytime if you have questions or suggestions.

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